2022 Legacy Hobby Pack [PREORDER]

2022 Legacy Hobby Pack [PREORDER]

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Due to ship by 12th August 2022


  • (2) Autographed Cards
  • (2) Mini Opti-Chrome Cards
  • (4) Opti-Chrome Cards
  • (4) Parallels
  • (12) Inserts

Checklist : HERE


  • (2) Autographed Cards in Every Box!
    • The future is bright for these top rookies of the 2022 NFL Draft! Look for both their Futures Patch Autographs and their Future Dual Patch Autographs!
    • Featuring some of thetop combos from the 2022 NFL Draft, Future Ink dual autographed cards will be highly sought after!
    • Some players look to make a name, others look to create a legacy! Legacy Patch Autographs returns to feature some of the best players to ever play the game!
  • (3) “Dare to Tear” Insert Cards in Every Case!
    • A continued staple in the Legacy brand, findDare to Tear rip cardsthat feature a mini card inside of the original card. Do you dare to tear?
    • A BRAND NEW spin to the Dare to Tear family, look for Saga Dare to Tears that celebrate theincredible legacy of a star’s collegiate andprofessional career!
    • Look for Veteran andRetired Dare to Tearsthat feature top line talent from the NFL’s past and present!
  • (12) Inserts in Every Box!
    • Only the best play Under The Lights! Be on the lookout for their autograph parallels as well!
    • A BRAND NEW short print in 2022, look to celebrate the storybook careers from some of the NFL’s greats in Lore!
    • Another BRAND NEWshort print to this year’s release, predict the future of the the NFL’s top rookies in Destiny!
  • Collect the 200-card base set that includes (100) current NFL Stars, (40) Legends, and(60) Rookies!!
    • Find 100 of the most collectible players in the NFL! Also, look for RAREautograph and mini opti-chrome parallels!
    • The top Rookies of the 2022 NFL Draft are included in this 60-card checklist. Look for Premium opti-chrome, mini opti-chrome, andautographed parallels!
    • Only Legends make the cut for this checklist. Look for the Autograph Parallels and collect the mini opti-chrome parallels as well!