2023 Jersey Fusion Baseball MLB Hobby Box

2023 Jersey Fusion Baseball MLB Hobby Box

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2022 Jersey Fusion Baseball Edition - (1) Sealed Box

Each Jersey Fusion holder incorporates an authentic, original trading card with a game/player worn swatch or patch. The fusion of the two makes for one truly amazing collectable!

Jersey fusion features the most transparent game jersey authentication in the hobby, each card will feature a QR-Code that will allow you to view the entire jersey/worn item that your swatch was cut from as well as all authentication associated with the jersey!

Look for limited edition jersey fusion combos, double, triple and quad swatches/premium, game dated, league/team logo, signature swatch, tags, nameplates, floor and more!

In addition to those, look for rare rookie cards, short prints, inserts, autographed cards and more!

Premium Variations to look for ( 1 in 5 boxes!)

Game Dated/Photo Matched: Swatch or Patch

Handwritten Word or autograph & Game Used Swatch

All are serial numbered to 1, 5, 10 or 25

Nameplate Patch

Tribute Patch

Team logo Patch

Number Patch

Auto Swatch

One of Ones: Button, Logo, Tags, League Logos, Master Fusions

SP Patches: (Limited Edition, 25 or less of each were made – not serial numbered)