Stateside Sports Show Pick 'Ems

The boys (Liam, Tony & Dylan) are back with a new look show and format and have recruited new blood Aron. This is now the best place to keep up to date with the boys and see the terrible bets that they put on (mainly Aron). There will be links to each weeks picks and episodes in here and also a nice little table to see how the boys are getting on in their mission to become millionaires.................

Pick 'Ems Table

Name Aron Dylan Tony Liam
Bets 7-6 6-6 8-5 9-5
🎰 2-1 0-2 0-3 0-2
🔒 0-3 2-1 2-1 3-0
Total (W-L) 9-10 8-9 10-9 12-8

 Week 1

Some unpredictable results and curve balls appeared in Week 1 of the NFL season which crippled some of the picks we made most importantly Azz letting down the 10/1 4-fold on the locks see where we right and wrong here: Week 1 Picks

Catch up with the latest episode on Spotify here: Episode 13: Unlucky for Some

Also can be found on Apple Podcasts here: Episode 13: Unlucky for Some

Week 2

Week 2 carried the same form as Week 1 and some strange results and player performances hampered the boys bets. Some things are consistent though and Azz once again failed his lock, but he was not the only person to miss their lock check out who the other helmet was here: Week 2 Picks

Catch up with the latest episode on Spotify here: Episode 14: Azz is a Let Down

Also can be found on Apple Podcasts here: Episode 14: Azz is a Let Down

Week 3

Between a combination of Tony visiting Scotland and Liam being well Stokes there was a slight hiatus in the recording of the podcast. The main reason being the boys cant physically face seeing Owen-2 after last weeks slip up on the lock again but fear not as we still made some picks and you can find them here: Week 3 Picks

No new episode but hit up the Spotify page and catch one of the previous shows here: Stateside Sports Show

Or use the Apple Podcast page here: Stateside Sports Show

Week 4

The hiatus continues for a second week as the boys are on a slight sabbatical, Owen-3 is in deep hiding this week some say hes went off the grid and is hiding out in a Cuban stash house. We do have an idea up our sleeves for the show going forward that we may be possibly having a trial run of for the Week 5 games. Have no fear though as we still done our picks and they can be found here: Week 4 Picks