Event FAQs


How do I get a ticket?

Simply click here


What is the point of the day?

We wanted to organise a free space where people could come and have a laugh, grab a beer, meet fellow collectors and if they wanted to, show off some of their collection or have the ability to do some in person trades/sales!


What can I bring to sell?

You can bring anything in your collection to sell or trade, we recommend only bringing one or two binders of cards that you wish to trade or sell as its only a small venue!


What will stateside have there for sale?

We will have a selection of sealed products available for purchase, American Football, Baseball & Football (Soccer) & a small amount of supplies, [Sleeves, Toploaders, Storage Boxes, Binders & Mags]


How do I pay for things?

Card & Cash is accepted. You’re fellow collectors will probably prefer bank transfers, PayPal or cash.


Can I bring my friends/family?

Yes everybody is welcome, just be sure to grab a free ticket for each person coming 👍🏻


Is there parking available?

Yes there is free on street parking infront of the venue.


Where is the nearest train station?

The nearest national rail station is Liverpool Lime Street, the nearest Merseyrail station is Moorfields. It is about a 25 minute walk from the stations.


Will there be any breaks during the day?

We will offer at least one in person break for each sport at a special price in event.


Can I order off the website and pick it up on the day for free?

Absolutely, please use code LIVERPOOL and we will have it available for collection.


Do I have to buy a ticket?

Yes, please purchase a free ticket from our website.


Will there be any food/drink available?

The bar currently does not serve food, however we are still trying to arrange some food options and this will be confirmed closer to the time.


What time will the event run until?

We have booked the bar from 12-5pm however may be able to stay open longer if we need to!


Do you need to bring anything to the door to get in?

Please ensure you have your purchase confirmation to hand incase you are asked for it!


Any more questions that aren’t listed here?

Fill in the form below! 👇🏻